Birkeland Industrial Park

14 hectares perfect for large scale data center or other power intensive purposes. Please note that 10 hectares are reserved. Easy access to fiber, infrastructure and power. Cost efficient access to power. 200m from regional grid. 500m from central grid. Strongest electrical connection point in south-west of Norway in the middle of an area producing 20%+ of Norway's green, hydroelectric production.

Local hydro electric plants close to the site offering N-1 and N-2 power options.

4 separate fiber connections close to site.

Minimum water in river 1000 l/s in winter and 3000 l/s in summer.

Area with 100+ years history and current activities based on hydroelectric power value creation.

Sauda offers the perfect place for work / living balance for active people.

For more information about this site, please contact us.

  • 2 mw
  • 14
  • 10 ping
  • 12 mts

Site properties

Area name Birkeland Industry Park area II
Ready to start building construction within months 16
Hectars available at plot 14
Square meters available at plot 140 000
Plot expansion (m2) 30 000
Region The Stavanger region
Municipality Sauda
Location coordinates '59° 39′ 44.8″N, 6° 24′ 22.5″Ø
Yearly avg air temperature 7

Time to market

Ready to start building construction within months 16
Plot procurement status reserved


Power available now (MW) 2
Power available in 12 months (MW) 70
Power available in 24 months (MW) 70
Power available in 36 months (MW) 300


Latency to Dublin (ms) 15
Latency to London (ms) 10
Latency to New York (ms) 42
Latency to Frankfurt (ms) 13
Latency to Amsterdam (ms) 12
Latency to Stockholm (ms) 11
Latency to Oslo (ms) 6
Latency to Esbjerg (ms) 9
Latency to Newcastle (ms) 9
Dark fibre available yes
Fiber distance to 200
Fibre connection available at plot yes


Distance international airport (km) 125
Distance to industry harbor (km) 5
Distance to university (km) 120

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