Ready for development. 6 hectars plot by the sea. Immediate access to 22 MW of power.

Jørpeland Smelteverk offers an attractive plot in existing industrial park. Location close to power stations, deep sea port, city center and International airport.

  • 22 mw
  • 6
  • 10 ping
  • 0 mts

Site properties

Area name Jørpeland
Ready to start building construction within months 3
Hectars available at plot 6
Square meters available at plot 60 000
Plot expansion (m2) 20 000
Region The Stavanger region
Municipality Strand
Location coordinates 59.217762 N 6.103757 E
Yearly avg air temperature 7

Time to market

Ready to start building construction within months 3
Plot procurement status reserved


Power available now (MW) 22
Power available in 12 months (MW) 22
Power available in 24 months (MW) 22
Power available in 36 months (MW) 22


Latency to Dublin (ms) 15
Latency to London (ms) 10
Latency to New York (ms) 42
Latency to Frankfurt (ms) 13
Latency to Amsterdam (ms) 12
Latency to Stockholm (ms) 11
Latency to Oslo (ms) 6
Latency to Esbjerg (ms) 9
Latency to Newcastle (ms) 9
Dark fibre available yes
Fiber distance to 0
Fibre connection available at plot yes


Distance international airport (km) 36
Distance to industry harbor (km) 11
Distance to university (km) 29